Dock and Seawall Safety During Hurricane Season in Florida

Docks,Seawalls / August 18, 2021

Hurricane season is upon us once again. Now that the most recent Hurricane Elsa has passed, everyone in South Florida is keeping an eye out for the next one. We’ve been fortunate to not have any hurricanes on the higher end of the category scale in recent years. 

However, it’s always important to be prepared in the event of a storm, especially if you have waterfront property. For our friends and family along the Treasure Coast, dock and seawall preparation is an important part of preparing for the storm. The experts at Seaside Marine Construction have gathered our tips and tricks to keep your family and property safe. 

Seawall Safety

The best time to inspect your seawall is during low tide. Check for any cracking, shifting, or erosion on your seawall. Another thing to keep an eye out for, is if the seawall is leaning, or if the ground around the seawall is eroding away. 

We recommend having a trained professional check your seawall about every 5 years. The team at Seaside Marine Construction in Boynton Beach can always come inspect your seawall if you have any concerns. 

Dock Safety

Any type of dock that is decrepit or in poor condition, may not be able to withstand the hurricane force winds and waves during a hurricane. It’s always recommended to have an experienced professional inspect your dock and pilings yearly. The integrity of your dock is only as good as the weight bearing portion of the structure underneath. This is so important for protecting your boat, house, or other surroundings. 

  • Floating Docks

There are different types of docks, and they can withstand the storm differently. As far as floating docks, they are typically known to have a better chance of withstanding tropical storms. If your floating dock has pilings on the taller side, this gives your dock an even greater chance of enduring the storm. As far as if your pilings are shorter, we recommend moving your boat or other recreational water vehicle for the storm. 

Another important part of preparing your floating dock is to monitor the lines. You’ll want some extensibility but not excessive slack for the lines. Tropical storms and hurricanes will usually cause water levels to rise considerably due to a storm surge, or rough waves. This will allow the floating dock to handle the changing conditions and remain flexible. 

In addition, inspect the lines that attach the boat or other water vehicle to the dock. You want to be confident that they are in acceptable shape. If needed, add more lines or change them out. 

  • Fixed Docks

For those that have a fixed dock, it’s more important to consider removing the boat from the water and moving it to higher ground or warehouse. Fixed docks tend to fare worse during tropical storms and hurricanes, because it is more difficult to deal with the rising water. 

Be sure if you do keep your boat in the water to secure it as much as possible. Also secure any other loose objects. This will lessen the risk of damages and projectiles.

Take Photos

Many experts recommend that homeowners take photos of their home before a storm for insurance purposes. The same can be done for a dock, seawall, or boat especially for those on Treasure Coast. This photographic proof can help with insurance claims if your waterfront home does experience damage during the storm. 


In the event of an evacuation in your area, be smart and listen to the professionals. Belongings can always be replaced, unlike friends and family members. We know down in Florida that the storms can have catastrophic consequences, and it’s important to keep yourself and your family safe. 

After the Hurricane

Once the storm has passed and officials give the signal that it is safe to go outside, it’s time to inspect for any damages. Be aware of any downed power lines, standing water, or sharp objects as you inspect your waterfront property or home. Be careful inspecting your dock and seawall, and heir on the side of caution. 

Need Inspections? Damages Evaluated and Repaired?

If you need a professional inspection of your dock or seawall, the experts at Seaside Marine Construction are here to help. We can certify that your dock or seawall meet municipal standards. 

If you do suffer damages either from a storm, or general wear and tear, we can repair your property so it is safe and up to par. 

At Seaside Marine Construction, we have years of experience and have perfected our skills. We’ve worked hard to build our reputation of excellence throughout the Treasure Coast area. Our quality workmanship ensures that you get the aquatic haven you desire.

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