Why You Need Boat Lifts in South Florida

Boat Lifts / October 27, 2021

If you are a boat owner, especially in the South Florida area, a boat lift can help tremendously. Owning a boat is an investment and because of this, you’ll want to ensure to keep this investment in pristine condition. Below are some of the main reasons you should consider boat lifts in South Florida, as well as how they will keep your boat looking brand new.

Decreases Water Damage/ Corrosion

Leaving your boat in the water may seem like a good idea, however, it can actually play a significant role in the deterioration of your boat’s exterior. Seawater is incredibly corrosive and not only eats away at metal finishes but also at fiberglass or other material used in a typical boat. Even worse, saltwater can cause electrolysis which may weaken metal fittings, propellers, as well as damage the boat’s engine.

This type of damage can rack up a lengthy bill on maintenance costs as well as replacing parts that are damaged. A boat lift also allows for easy drainage of saltwater from your boat keeping all parts corrosion-free.

Easier Boat Access

One of the key advantages of boat lifts is how easy it makes retrieval and storage of your boat. The lifting mechanism will secure your boat in place, but also easily raise or lower to ensure convenient access with a simple push of a button. Additionally, the elevated nature of the boat lift reduces strain on you as well as any passengers getting in and out of the boat.

Gone are the days of driving to a boat ramp and waiting, as well as trailering your boat around to get it in the water. The convenience of a boat ramp in your backyard will create an easier and more enjoyable time getting your boat ready for the water. Thus, creating more boat days with less of a headache.

Less Damage to the Hull

The hull of your boat is the most important part which is why it’s imperative to keep it damage-free at all times. A boat lift, compared to a boat slip or dock, provides an elevated position from the water, grass, and debris. This prevents the hull from accumulating build-up by sea growth, muck, barnacles, algae, dirt, etc. This accumulation can lead to further damage to your boat’s exterior.

In a nutshell, storing your boat out of the water with a boat lift will help maintain the performance, speed, lifespan, as well as value.

Prevent Damage from Extreme Weather/ Hurricanes

If you are a boat owner on the Florida coast you are aware of the severe hurricanes and tropical storms that wreak havoc each year.  A boat in a marina provides little protection from the winds and crashing waves that typically accompany such weather patterns. This can lead to significant damage to boats, as well as injury to those nearby exposed boats.

Additionally, during hurricanes and tropical storms flooding is also common which means your boat can be damaged from submerged debris or sediment. A boat lift, however, anchors your boat in place while keeping it out of the water and away from destructive waves.

Provides Added Security

If you store your boat in a marina or boat slip, boats are typically attached to the metal dock using cables. There is direct access to your boat via these docks, in turn, causing security issues. Not everyone that visits the marina has good intentions and many people will break into boats. This is often a burglary attempt to steal items that can quickly be sold such as fishing rods, anchors, diving equipment, etc.

Boat Lifts Can Save You Money

Lastly, installing a boat lift will save you money. Not only will you save money monthly by not having to store your boat in a marina, but a boat lift is attractive to home buyers. Thus, increasing your home’s property value.

Boat Lifts in South Florida

If you live in South Florida contact Seaside Marine Construction today for an estimate on a new boat lift! At Seaside Marine Construction we offer custom docks, seawalls, as well as boat lifts that will last you years. We want to help you enhance your waterfront property and make your seaside dreams a reality.

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