Dock and Seawall Inspections in Boynton Beach, FL

Docks,Seawalls / January 19, 2022

Owning a waterfront home in South Florida comes with the inevitable threat of water damage. Especially homes with docks or seawalls, these structures are highly susceptible to water and wind damage from hurricanes and the ocean. Oftentimes, following the install of a dock or seawall, these structures go unmaintained which results in costly repairs. This is why dock and seawall inspections in Boynton Beach, FL are so important to not only keep the integrity of the structure but to save you time and money in the long run. 

Why is it Important to Inspect

Seawalls and docks are the barriers between your home and the ocean, rivers, and moisture. These structures are constantly being struck and worn down by constant water exposure which causes erosion and damage to your home. Soil erosion and constant water damage can lead to your home moving or shifting. Thus, costing you thousands of dollars in structural repairs. 

Although South Florida seawalls can last a lifespan, this is only maintained through regular dock and seawall inspections in Boynton Beach, FL. This allows contractors the opportunity to fix any minor issues with the structure, thus avoiding these minor issues from becoming larger and more detrimental. Without these inspections, seawalls and docks will continue to wear over time resulting in premature replacement. 

What to Look Out For

The licensed professionals at Seaside Marine Construction in Boynton Beach, FL are highly trained in not only the construction of seawalls and docks but what to look for in each inspection. Helping to preserve your structure for years to come. Below are six aspects our team looks for to ensure your structure meets municipal requirements. 


Firstly, an inspector will look over the structure of the seawall and dock. We assess any damages and recommend the best options to move forward and extend the life of your structure. Some examples of the structural damage we look out for include:

  • Cracks or small chunks broken off
  • Visible rust stains
  • Large or widening gaps between the seawall slabs
  • Cracked slabs, bowing, leaning, or misaligned
  • Any soil settling or any holes along the seawall


Not only do we check the integrity of the structure, but we check the electrical components of a boat lift. Boat lifts, especially in South Florida, help with the longevity of your boat and the ease of putting it in the water when ready for a boat day. 

At Seaside Marine we install boat lifts and frequently inspect all of the electric operations of the lift to ensure it is working properly and safely. 

Boat Lifts 

Continuing on the inspection of boat lifts, just as important as it is to inspect the structure of your dock, inspecting the condition of your lift is also vital. Aside from the electric operations, we will examine the cables, motor, as well as other components to ensure your boat lift is working properly and lasting as long as it should without needing replacement.  


In some cases, docks in South Florida have fully functioning bars installed on their custom docks. That being said, if your bar includes a sink it most likely will have plumbing. When inspecting a dock, if there is plumbing on or around your structure, we will check operation, how it’s plumbed, and the general condition of the system. This will make sure the plumbing is properly installed and not damaging your structure. 

Seawall Breakdown

Seawalls are meant to take an impact to protect homes from the damages of water exposure. However, with constant water exposure inspecting signs of damage like erosion and any signs of wear and tear to fix the issue before it gets out of hand. It is common for a structure to experience some minor damages because of the water, climate, and weather, but with frequent inspections, these damages can be fixed without major repercussions. 

Dock Breakdown

Aside from the structural damage that is easy to see from the naked eye, there are things many overlook. Inspecting the safety, pilings, decay of materials, wraps, and overall condition of your dock is essential. 

Visit Seaside Marine For Your Dock and Seawall Inspections in Boynton Beach, FL

If you are looking for a company to trust in for all your marine construction needs, contact Seaside Marine Construction. Some of the services we offer at Seaside Marine Construction include:

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