The Complete Guide to Boat Lifts

Boat Lifts / March 23, 2022

A Boat Lift is a mechanical device that transports boats from water to dry land. These lifts are helpful for those without a dock or other means of entering or exiting the water. Boat Lifts have been around since at least 1884 when they were first patented by George Crouch of California. If you’re a new boat owner or don’t know much about boat lifts, keep reading the complete guide to boat lifts.

How to Choose the Right Boat Lift for Your Needs?

You have the option of building boat lifts onshore and offshore. They generally have a tower, a cradle, and some form of threaded cable or chain. There are two main types of boat lifts – floating and fixed.

Floating boat lifts – moves with the current, while a fixed one stays in one place. The only downside to floating lifts is the fact that they are not suitable for small boats and harsh weather conditions.

Fixed boat lifts – are perfect for installation in marinas and ports with limited space. If you are thinking of buying a boat lift, it is important to understand the various types of boat lifts available and how they work.

There are three basic types of boat lifts; deck, trailer, and crane.

Deck boat lifts – are installed on the ground and extended upwards to provide full access to the boat.

Trailer mounted boat lift – mounts securely to your trailer frame. Great for boaters who want to transport their boats often. Trailer boats require a trailer hitch and have limited installation options.

Crane – boat lifts typically require an elevated platform for installation, but they have excellent access options for boats that sit high above water level.

Installation Options: 

  • Deck Mounted: This type of boat lift is installed on the stern of the boat, and it can be used for boats with a freeboard up to 3 feet. The deck-mounted type is often used in marinas where there is limited space available, and it is also a great option for smaller boats that do not need to be lifted very high.
  • Stern Mounted: This type of boat lift has a motor at the back of the boat, and it can be used for boats with a freeboard up to 6 feet. Stern mounted lifts are often found in marinas that have space constraints, but they are also popular because they don’t require any additional room when lifting or lowering your boat.

Benefits of Buying a Boat Lift

Owning a boat has it’s perks but with these perks come great responsibility. Boats can be difficult to store and maintain in your backyard. Installing a boat lift can easily solve this problem. Here are five benefits of buying a boat lift:

Convenience: You can install a boat lift anywhere, even if you don’t have water nearby. Because of this, you can have the perfect spot for your boat in your yard or on your property without having to spend money on land or building a dock. Boat lifts are functional for any size boat.

Storage: Boat lifts make it easy for you to store your boat on and off the ground. Boat lifts provide year-round storage saving you money in the long run.

Safety: Stepping onto a rocking boat on the ocean can be tough and unsettling. Boat lifts keep your boat from sinking into the ground and damaged from exposure. by keeping it high up off the ground on top of sturdy legs with wheels for easy mobility.

Seasonal Changes: Depending on where you live, seasonal changes or storms may cause water levels to fluctuate. In certain instances, an improperly fastened boat may rise or tip over, causing extensive damage. Using a boat lift prevents this concern, possibly saving you a lot of money on repairs and upkeep.

Boat Protection: When your boat is continuously in the water you’ll find signs of poor unit wear, hull cracking, and rust. Algae can also build on the boat’s surface. Close inspections will even show some zebra mussels, barnacles, and other aquatic life tacked onto the boat.

Seaside Marine

So, if you’re a boat owner, we recommend not leaving it in the water. Instead, save yourself time and money by raising it with a boat lift. Seaside Marine makes enhancing your waterfront property easy. We handle everything from design, permits, paperwork, and even the final nail in the last dock board.

You tell us what you want, and we set about to create it. If you’re considering installing a boat lift for your dock in the south Florida area call Seaside Marine. We are here to assist you in making the best selections possible.

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