Steps to Prolong Your Boat Lift

Boat Lifts / June 22, 2022

The life of a boater is far from glamorous, but a boat lift surely makes it simpler. Regular maintenance is essential to keep the boat lift in good working order. If correctly maintained, a boat lift may last for years to come! If routine maintenance is neglected, the boat lift will fail sooner and cause damage. Repairs are substantially more expensive than basic upkeep. Boat lifts, regardless of the brand, lifts require the same maintenance over time. Steps to prolong your boat lift will guarantee that your boat lift operates at peak efficiency, allowing you to relax and enjoy your time on the water.

Lift Cables

If there are any issues with the cables, you will be able to detect them during a routine examination. Corrosion, tearing, bends, and damaged sections are all evident to the naked eye and indicate that the cables will need to be replaced soon.

When using the lift, the wires should be rinsed with fresh water to remove the salt. If the cables are not cleansed, the salt will corrode them and they will not last as long as they should. 

Lift cables can also be lubricated using chain and cable liquid. As the cables brush against one other, this solution will lubricate them. The lubricant preserves the cables and can extend their life.

Even if you don’t notice any irregularities, the cables for your boat lift will most certainly need to be changed after two years of typical operation. Following lift cable repair standards can limit the danger of costly damage to your boat or serious injury to you if the cables snap.

Lift Beam Maintenace 

Lift beams should be cleaned after every use to ensure there isn’t any residue leftover. Leftover salt can degrade the beams and promote barnacle growth. If the salt and barnacles are not wiped off, they will continue to collect and weaken the beams. When the lift is not in use, keep the beams out of the water to extend their longevity.

Check the Bunks 

Examine the bunks to ensure there are no worn-out spots in the carpet and no damaged or rotten sections in the wood. Brackets should be free of cracks and other evidence of stress. Check that all of the equipment is secure and that the brackets are in the proper locations. Because they are constantly exposed to moisture, carpeted wood bunks will need to be updated on a regular basis.

Protecting your Gear Box 

The transmission and drive components should be examined on a regular basis. To avoid sticking, all gears should be sufficiently oiled. Simply remove the covers from flat plat drives and examine the belts for any disconnected, worn, or otherwise defective belts. Change the belt if it shows symptoms of wear before the next usage. Alignment is also essential!

Motors and coverings should not be rusted or water-logged. For optimal drainage, drain holes on the top should be sealed, and drain holes on the bottom should be open. When properly maintained, high-quality motors can last up to decades. 

Grease Pulleys 

Pulleys should be oiled every two years. If they are not lubricated at least twice a year, the tension between the sheaves and their mounts increases, causing the gear to create noise and lock. Nuts and bolts should be as secure as possible at all times.

Seaside Marine 

A skilled boat lift servicing business, such as Seaside Marine, can perform all your general lift maintenance. Contact us today for a consultation! Spend more time on the sea while we keep your boat in (and out) of it – happy sailing!

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