Prepare your waterfront property for a hurricane

Prepare Your Boat and Dock for A Hurricane

Hurricane season in South Florida can be destructive. Homeowner are scrambling from June through November to protect their homes. For those who live on the water, this can also mean getting your boat and dock prepared for a hurricane. 


A study by Colorado State University predicts the 2022 Atlantic hurricane season will have an above-average season. With this information the best way to prepare is to store, however, you do have options on where to store your boat and how to prepare your dock lines if a storm rolls through your area. 


If you live on the waterfront you should be thinking about how to prepare when a storm comes your way. This is for your boat’s safety and everyone nearby. Make sure your wall drains (weep holes) are clean and can work properly in case of high storm surge levels. If water is trapped inside the seawall, pressure buildup leads to the structure eventually collapsing.

Store and Secure 


Secure all objects that the wind can pick up and blow away like chairs, furniture, and umbrellas. If you wouldn’t want something approaching your head at over 5 mph then be sure it is secure.


Next, disconnect the boat’s electrical system and take out the battery. You need to secure items that cannot be moved, such as wheels, tillers, and booms. Be sure to close all hatches, doors, and windows. Lastly, remember to turn off the fuel lines on your boat. 


Note that a boat lift is not the best location to keep your boat during a hurricane. Storm surges can exceed the height of the lift. With a boat on the lift, the likelihood that hurricane-force winds will break the piles (or pull them off) doubles the likelihood of collapsing.


If storing your boat somewhere else during a hurricane is not an option, the amount of storm surge flooding—high tides—will decide how you tie your boat to the lift.


Inspect Your Dock and Seawall 

During turbulent hurricanes with strong winds and stormy waters, a weak dock might not be able to hold itself up in poor conditions. Your boat lift’s structural integrity is based on how sturdy the supporting structure is. Therefore, to ensure that your dock and pilings are sturdy and won’t collapse and harm your boat, house, or other assets, it is a good idea to have them inspected by an expert beforehand over at Seaside Marine Construction. After the inspection, secure anything left outside to prevent damage to your home or objects from getting flown around.

Dock Inspection and Boat Lift Installation in South Florida 


Have the professional installers at Seaside Marine Construction take care of you to have a custom-designed seawall that will last for years. When you hire a business to construct a new dock or rebuild pilings, you want to be certain that you made the right decision. 


We have dedicated a lot of time to honing our abilities and developing our stellar reputation around the Treasure Coast. You will have the desired marine haven thanks to our excellent workmanship. We are dedicated to producing the highest-quality boat lifts available today at Seaside Marine Construction. We make our lifts endure a lifetime. 

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